Analysis and Comparison of Health Insurance Systems in Croatia and Germany
Katarina Poturica Gerić, MBA; Nikolina Smajla, M. Sc.; Ksenija Klasić, Ph.D.

Health insurance is a fundamental type of insurance in the European Union. Every citizen of a country has to be registered at a health insurance provider's office. Depending on the country's legislative there are different systems of health insurance, especially additional insurance and the extent of rights for the insured people. As many Croatian people migrate to West Europe searching for better jobs, most of them together with their families, there are analyzed two health insurance systems, those in the Republic of Croatia and the Federal Republic of Germany. Analyzing the systems of the mentioned countries, several conclusions are made. The European Union seeks to equalize the systems to unify the rights at an international level in bilateral agreements and directives. In this paper similarities and differences of the systems in the observed countries were analyzed. Analysis and comparison were carried out on two examples – family insurance and student insurance.

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