Depiction of the theme of Love in Arabic and English Literature Based on Sternberg's Triangular Theory of Love
Abdullah K. Shehabat

The present paper elucidates how the theme of love is depicted in Arabic and English poems. The purpose of the current paper is to look closely at the concept of love and how the term has changed over time. One Arabic poem and one English poem were used for this purpose. These poems were closely read, interpreted, and critiqued in light of Sternberg's triangular theory of love (1986). It is found that the theme of love has become much more complicated with its negative new shades of meaning. It is also found that under the name "platonic love," the word love has lost much of its connotative meanings, thus becoming synonymous for words like attachment, passion, and liking. The term love has become more intense, forceful, and pivotal yet empty of its real value, being referred to and understood as "modern sex.” Based on Sternberg's triangular theory, love with its real value, was distorted even in great literary traditions and works of literature because the modern lover (man) only lives the futile moments of sex without worrying about reproduction.

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