The Hidden Hands Soviet-Afghan War 1979-89, U.S Policy, and External Actors
Ali Imran, Dong Xiaochuan

In the last month of 1979, Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan and Soviet-Afghan War 1979-89 was born. The U.S and number of other states rejected this invasion and U.S influence towards this region was very open. American administration also reformed its foreign policy and developed alliance with other nations to expel out the Soviets from Afghanistan. Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, China, Iran, and Egypt governments were at front line to support of U.S foreign policy during whole the war and worked together particularly Pakistan-U.S-Saudi security agencies trained the thousands of Afghan Mujahedeen in Pakistani training camps and funneled billions of dollars and arms against Soviet forces in Afghanistan. Further, most of weapons for these Mujahedeen were purchased from China, Iran and Egypt. After all, under the U.S foreign policy, these all states played the vital role against the Soviets Red Army in Afghanistan and punished them and expelled them out from Afghanistan.

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