The Theoretical Aspects of Biosystem Mathematical Modeling
Zh. Ixymbayeva, S. Toleuova, A. Mimenbayeva

Computational models play an important role in framing our existing knowledge. Such a formal framework is capable of testing scientific hypotheses about biological systems. Increased numbers of annotated models are being developed in order to facilitate communication, search, comparison, retrieval, and validation. A key part of model description relies on consistent representation of information which has been addressed through structured file formats and community guidelines. As we move towards a more comprehensive representation of modelrelated information, it becomes ever more important to understand how this information is most easily integrated in order to satisfy complex use scenarios. Here, we review key model-related data and emerging methods for facile integration and analysis. More effective approaches for knowledge representation are essential to decrease the time and efforts involved in data integration and create new opportunities for model-based science.

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