An Evaluation of the Developing Countries Economic Progress Performance in the European Region using DEA
Msc. Blerta Nazarko (Kristo)

The opportunity for a potential flow of direct foreign investments strongly affects the economic development; this is specifically true for the developing countries (according to IMF listing, year 2014). In addition, the follow-up in the import-export commercial balance and the capital development are irreplaceable factors that strongly influence the economic development of any country. Persistent management of debt agreement and payment so that they do not burden the economic development progress.To the above mentioned problems dealt in the study, the GNI index per capita is attached. Using DEA as methodology, specifically Malmquist index, this work studies the period of time 2008-2014. Identification of the economic development opportunities variables for the efficiency and productivity increase the understanding and judgment ability for the evaluation of the economic performance efficiency and productivity in the developing countries in Europe.

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