Social Studies in the Back Burner in Jordanian Elementary School: A Phenomenological Examination of Social Studies Teachers and Supervisors
Khaled F. Alazzi

In this article, we examine the perceptions of Jordanian Elementary social studies Teachers and Supervisors towards Social Studies Education, Tow group elementary social studies teachers and supervisors were interviewed in the Northern Province of Jordan regarding their perceptions of social studies. Phenomenological method of qualitative analysis used to interpret data. A total of thirty-five teachers and supervisors were selected to participate in this qualitative study. The research revealed that the both teachers and supervisors agree the important of social studies curriculum, while at the same time they did not rank social studies as their most favorite courses. Both teachers and supervisors often selected science and, mathematics, English and Arabic as their first or second choice because of the labor market or economic opportunity. The study recommended that to improve social studies education in Jordan, the Ministry of Education should abandon its role of selecting and controlling subjects included in the social studies curricula. Social studies curricula should be revised to include the most recent available information and to reflect contemporary research in social studies education in order to prepare young Jordanians for the new millennium. General speaking, social studies still in the backburner in Jordan elementary school due to the social and economic factors.

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