Environmental Education in a Primary School in Southern Guanajuato, Mexico
Carmen Selene Patiño Rosas, Alberto Valdes Cobos, Nicasio García Melchor

The objective of this work is to systematize the experiences obtained in a series of workshops in Environmental Education (EE) organized for 5th year students from February 2015 to July 2015 in Justo Sierra Primary school, located at La Luz, a community in the municipality of Salvatierra, Guanajuato. Environmental Education is considered here a way of civilizing pupils, as it should help in whole child development, which would be susceptible to take action to improve the environment. EE constitutes an essential tool for realizing the paradigm of sustainable development. In that sense, EE came to rest from United Nations' (UN) domain to national, regional and local development plans. As a conclusion, we can say that EE has been slightly introduced in the community of La Luz, merely taught in agreement to the contents of the textbooks on natural science and civic and ethics education. It is worthy to say that all ten of the EE workshops organized in Justo Sierra school were supported by the school principal and counted on the enthusiastic participation of all the 5th year students. Some recommendations are pointed out here for trying to revert the socio-environmental problematic at local a municipal level: a) promote the creation of a subject on EE and training the elementary school teachers in the same discipline, and b) schedule collaboration projects between municipal authorities, educational institutions, local firms and civic associations which would contribute to improve the access to EE for the community in general.

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