Teaching Report Writing Skills through Communicative Activities
Sadaf Fatima

Designing communicative activities for teaching any specific skills has been used for the last few decades effectively worldwide. In teaching Report Writing Skills its use is somewhat new as the subject itself has not been taught separately before as a complete course in many universities of Pakistan and internationally as well. It happened only with the passage of time that it has been introduced as a separate course due to the need of learning of specific skills and time required in writing, developing and presenting reports by business students or in some cases students of other professional disciplines such as engineering.This workshop will suggest methodologies and techniques that cater the needs and interests of the teachers teaching a technical subject like Report Writing Skills. It will also emphasize the kind of problems students face while learning report writing a form of technical writing. They are affected by the basic handicaps/mistakes developed since childhood in learning of English language. It is obvious and natural to cause them to make similar mistakes even at higher level of education when they are studying technical subjects like report writing skills. The grammatical errors, the style of writing is erroneous due to no exposure and experience of writing reports or technical documents previously. Moreover, the focus of this workshop will be to teach Report Writing Skills using non expensive Communicative Activities to enhance writing skills of the students in writing professional reports.

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