Frame Analysis and the Rock Scenes
Dr. Michael Tsangaris, Konstantina Agrafioti

Historically arts and politics stand in close relation as most of the revolutionary ideas were supported by artists. Throughout a Gramscian perspective art has been always politicized if we consider that reproduces or opposes hegemony. Framing art-worlds offers insights to explain the experiences of the participants in the art making processes. When Rock and roll made its appearance in the United States the early fifties it was rejected by the establishment. Nowadays Rock is being assimilated by the mainstream culture through a process that the ‘Situationists’ called ‘recuperation’. This study aims to investigate the rock scenes as globalized networks of collective resistance that are cyclically reborn in close relation to social movements. Reflecting on Blumer, Goff man and Becker theories we will build a basis forour theoretical dialogue.

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