The Economic Effects of Canadian - US Integration on a Border Region in the United States: Reflections from Northern New York
Dr. Prem Gandhi, Dr. Neal Duffy

The late 1960s saw transformational changes in economic relations between the United States and Canada. These were partly driven by the election of new leadership in both countries, and partly by the increasing political voice of Quebec within Canada. The border state of New York was uniquely positioned to experience economic consequences as successive trade agreements took hold. Yet both nations, especially Canada, first had to address long-standing economic concerns and traditions that had historically created major impediments to the concept of a more open trade and investment climate. Northern New York, in particular, found itself to be one of the chief beneficiaries, as comprehensive trade agreements were eventually passed in 1988, 1994, and 2020. This occurred despite the fact that this relatively isolated region, although very close to the United States' historical manufacturing belt, had always been considered somewhat unsuitable for economic development.

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