Lifetime Learning in Artisanal Making
Sergio Jacinto Alejo López, Ernestina Becerra Becerra, Alexis Emmanuel Quezada Ornelas, Graciela M.L. Ruiz-Aguilar

The present research analyzes the productive work, acquisition of knowledge, beliefs, feelings, and social reproduction in the making of artisanal bread in the rural community of San Miguel Emenguaro, located in southeast Guanajuato, Mexico. For the process of information analysis, we took the approach of phenomenology through a qualitative methodology of family memory and trade in the form of a semi-structured interview with a woman who owns an artisanal bread production unit. The results show that over the years in this family business, values such as human education have held sway, so their work has not been reduced to the sole purpose of earning profits, but rather aspects such as the origin of the family, the recognition of people, the life history of those who collaborate in the making of bread, respect for nature, and humility in learning have been important.

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