The Roots of Philosophy of Chomsky's Transformational-Generative Theory
Hanan Mashaqba

This study attempts to shed light on the philosophical roots that the American philosopher and linguist Noam Chomsky relied on in building his linguistic theory called the Generative Transformational Theory, the theory through which he wanted to take the study of language a new direction in which he exceeds all the experimental explanations of the linguistic phenomenon. Chomsky tried to establish his linguistic theory by discussing the rational innate hypothesis of the German philosopher Wilhelm Humboldt, the Greek philosopher Plato, and the French philosopher René Descartes, as their innate hypotheses had a great influence on Chomsky's study and understanding of the linguistic phenomenon. Chomsky has posed several questions that are closely related to the epistemology of every philosopher of the past, and each question raised a specific problem that required Chomsky to present a solution to it, and this solution was based on the same premise.

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