Application of Quality Assurance & Accreditation in the Institutes of Higher Education in the Arab World (Descriptive & Analytical Survey)
Dr. Mohammed Ahmed Mohammed Hamdatu, Dr. Ahmed Gumaa Siddiek, Dr. Fahad A/Rahman Al-Olyan

This is a descriptive and analytical study - intended to survey the applications of quality assurance &
accreditation principles in the institutions of higher education in the Arab Region. To come to this end the study
has tested the following hypotheses that:
1. There is a correlation between quality assurance & accreditation and the objectives of higher education
institutes in the Arab world.
2. There is a relationship between the system of quality assurance & accreditation and the degree of quality
education offered by higher education institutions in the region.
3. There is a relationship between the application of the standard quality assurance & accreditation and the
attainment of goals in colleges and universities in the Arab region.
After investigation, we have come to the following findings that: Quality assurance & accreditation is important
for higher education institutions, as through this mechanism universities can achieve goals by satisfying
customers (students, parents or organizations') needs for quality education in the near and long run. The
standards of quality assurance & accreditation are good devices for measuring the level of quality educational
services. We have also concluded that the application of quality assurance & accreditation system is the secret
behind the success of most of higher education institutions all over the world, and so it should be in the Arab
Region. Quality Assurance uses benchmarks (indicators) as witnesses of failures which can help to detect
problems before they occur during the implementation of the plan. Then we have made some recommendations
for higher education institutions to speed up the application of quality assurance & accreditation to reach their
goals, achieve further development and attain excellence in education at global level. We have recommended the
dissemination of total quality culture awareness among employees by giving them training on TQM in order to
reach high level of performance. Universities should seek different ways, to ensure the quality of educational
services which they offer to their students to attain excellent learning outcome.

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