Using Multiple Methods to Distinguish Active Delay and Procrastination in College Students
Suzanne F Lindt, Danya M Corkin, Shirley L Yu

The purpose of the current study was to explore qualitative and behavioral differences between students classified through self-report measures as engaging in either procrastination or active delay. Participants were 14 undergraduate college students, who had participated in a larger quantitative study examining the distinction between students who procrastinated or engaged in active delay. Individual responses were compared to the mean responses for the sample to identify those self-reporting active delay (intentional delay) or procrastination. A behavioral measure of delay was also recorded. During individual interviews, students described their study habits and any delays or procrastination that they elicited in an undergraduate course. Transcripts were analyzed and coded according to themes that emerged. The themes identified were compared to behavioral and survey measures. Results further support prior research that those who intentionally delay their work may do so as a purposeful strategy for studying. This study adds to the understanding of various forms of procrastination and active delay demonstrated by college students.

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