Effects of Microcredit on Small Scale Enterprises in Osun State, Nigeria
Yusuf S.A, Amao J.O, Olawale O.T

This study examined the effects of micro credit on small scale enterprises in Osun State, Nigeria. Descriptive statistics and econometrics (regression analysis) were employed as tools for the analysis. Results showed that out of the 120 respondents that were sampled, 105 were credit users. The average age of the respondents was 40years and majority was female (about 61 percent). About 85 percent of the respondents were married with an average family size of 6. A very few number of the respondents had tertiary education. The study also revealed that the average monthly income of the respondents that were engaged in farming was N 11,000, that of artisan was N19, 500 and that of trader was N25, 138.9. The average loan sourced by Artisan was N24, 000 that of trader was N28, 000 and that of farmer was N4, 000. The average loan to all respondents was N282, 000. The regression analysis revealed that loan repayment period, family size and years in business were the key determinants of business turn over. On the other hand, volume of credit available to respondents is affected by repayment period, number of sources and interest on loan.

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