Effects of Open Innovation Practices in Technology Prospecting in the Innovation Value Chain
Daniel Candido de Oliveira, Selma Regina Martins Oliveira

The present study aims to present a modeling to check the list of open innovation practices in technology prospecting from value creation experience in the innovation value chain. The survey was conducted based on the literature, seeking theoretical cutouts for a consistent presentation, and consulting Science Direct and Emerald bases, and secondary searches on Google Scholar and Microsoft Academic Search, totaling two hundred forty five consulted titles. From this research was extracted information that makes up the conceptual framework of this study, as well as its possibility. Two hundred ninety four open innovation practices, grouped into fifteen variables were selected. Regarding the dependent variables, four variables were defined, considering the prospection of technology - as knowledge - in the innovation value chain. In order to check the state of the practice, we conducted a survey through which data were collected from professionals involved in areas related to the topic. They selected one hundred and two experts who were contacted by email, from which, twenty seven of them answered. The results were satisfactory and they show the relationship between the results raised by research on the literature and the views expressed by the experts.

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