Evaluation of the Radiopacity of Different Restorative Materials by the Digital Method
De Oliveira, Katharina Morant Holanda; Almeida, Fernanda de Albuquerque; Beatrice, Lúcia Carneiro de Souza; Nascimento, Alexandre Batista Lopes; Teixeira, Hilcia Mezzalira

This study aimed to evaluate the radiopacity, by the digital method, of restorative materials. Five dental composite resins (Z350XT, ICE, Concept Advanced, Opallis and Evolu-X), five glass ionomer cements (GIC) (KetacN100, Vitremer, Riva Light Cure, VidrionR and MaxxionR) and one amalgam (GS-80) were evaluated. The samples and an aluminum stepwedge were placed on digital sensors and radiographed. The radiopacity was evaluated by the ImageJ software and analyzed by the Kruskal-Wallis test (α=0.05). The results (radiopacity in thicknesses of aluminum) were: (mean ± SD): Z350XT (23.25 ± 4.22), ICE (17.79 ± 3.88), CA (28.97 ± 4, 32), OP (22.5 ± 3.36), EX (9.54 ± 0.38), KN100 (5.84 ± 0.5), VIT (19.39 ± 11.54), RLC (11.42 ± 6.12), VID (8.14 ± 3.63), MAX (2.05 ± 0.17), amalgam (67.54 ± 6.03). It was possible to observe that all materials reached the 4049 ISO specifications for radiopacity, with the exception of the MAX GIC.

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