The Function of Naqshabandi order by A 19th Malay Naqshabandi Scholar, Shaykh Islam Wan Sulaiman Wan Sidek (d.1354H/1935M)
Dr. Muhammad Khairi Mahyuddin

The Sufi order generally and Naqshabandi Order specifically is apprehended by some of Malay practitioners to concentrate absolutely on the spiritual aspect or hereafter and to avoid from participating into worldly affairs. The Sufi order is regarded as mystical experience, privacy and isolation unveiling, and miracles. It denotes the total withdrawal of the essential material requirement in the material world and state that has a close interconnection to the religion. The misconception of the Sufi order (tariqah) rejects the material world results in passivity, individualism, and backwardness for the country progress. Wan Sulaiman as a19th Shaykh Islam as well as a Malay Naqshabandi scholar takes serious action to correct this misconception of the function of the Sufi order from al-Quran and Sunnah. He concludes that Sufi order has three basic major functions: the preservation of human nature, exercise of removal (takhalliyyah) and adornment (tahalliyah), and guardianship of the country.

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