Emerging Strategies and Hypercompetitive Environments to Micro and Small Companies of Information Technology
Humberto C. C. da Silva, M.Sc.; Marcus A. V. Araújo, D.Sc.

The information technology companies are facing an environment in which there is a great pressure by constant technological innovation and high competitiveness or hyper competitiveness. Environments like this are called Red Queen Effect, in which the efforts given off by companies, no matter how big they are, are only sufficient to be able to maintain the same level of competitiveness. In this scenario the use of the emerging strategies, proposed by Mint berg, can be a viable alternative for the formulation and implementation of business strategies for success. The ability to be more flexible can help companies facing turbulent environments. Especially small businesses, as they can reach hyper flexibility levels, enabling the change in direction and adjustments during situations of market changes. This theoretical paper analyzes the use of emerging strategies, as proposed by Mint berg in the environment of micro and small information technology companies, and how hyper flexibility can be an alternative to the use of emerging strategies can be given with a higher success rate.

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