Parameters Selection of Flywheel Energy Storage System Controller on Wind-Diesel Hybrid Power System using Immune Algorithm
Chang Hyun Kim, Jeong Phil Lee

In this paper, robust parameters selection problem of flywheel energy storage system (FESS) controller using immune algorithm (IA) is investigated to enhance dynamic characteristics of wind-diesel hybrid power system. The aim for optimal parameters selection of the controller using IA is to minimize the objective function. The objective function in IA is represented as affinity of antigen and antibody. Therefore the selected elements for calculating affinity have a decisive effect on dynamic performance of the power system. The wind generator frequency, the diesel generator frequency, the control input and the  H -norm are used for calculating affinity of IA in this paper. To verify control performance of the designed FESS controller, dynamic simulations are performed under various disturbances such as sudden step change of wind power and load as well as the random change of wind power and load. The control characteristics with the designed FESS controller using IA are compared with that of the pitch controller and SMES. The simulation results show that performance of the FESS controller designed by IA is improved significantly.

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