The Role of the Graphic Artist in an Advertising Agency
Sir (Dr) Godwin Ogheneruemu Irivwieri Ksji

This paper focuses on the role of the Graphic Artist in an Advertising Agency. Ever since the use of the computer as a design tool in the advertising industry, the place of the Graphic Artist has been contentious. It is on this backdrop that the writer tends to highlight the enormous role and the indispensability of the Graphic Artist in an Advertising Agency. With a review of a number of literatures, the subject content of both Graphic Arts as a discipline and the Evolutionary Trend of the Advertising Agency were clearly stated. The findings reveal that the Graphic Artist’s functions come under the creative department in the organizational structure of the Advertising Agency. He translates the broad outlines into ideas for advertisements producing visual concepts, slogans, copy and storylines for all media and for support materials. By and large, the Graphic Artist is a formidable force to contend with in the realization of the stated goals of the Advertising Agency in any economy.

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