Best Management Practices and Performance of Information Quality in Information Technology Projects under the Moderator Effect of Restrictions: A Survey of the Brazilian Experience
Thatiane de Oliveira Rosa, Selma Regina Martins Oliveira

This work aims to support managers in their decision processes in IT projects in dynamic and contingently contexts. To do so, it discusses the influence that best management practices exercise in the performance of information quality in Information Technology (IT) projects, considering restricting conditions. The study is based on the Brazilian reality. Thus, we interviewed 303 specialists with knowledge and experience about the object of study. These specialists were selected by technical and scientifically criteria. The data was collected through a scale questionnaire (Likert), with some open questions. To reduce subjectivity in the results we applied statistical techniques like the Duncan test, to compare the averages, and the Spearman’s correlation, to analyze the influence investigated. The results we found are satisfactory and show that in restricting conditions, best management practices influence the performance of information quality in IT projects.

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