Can Companies be the Fount of Dignity?
Rodolfo Coelho Prates, Adriana Gresielly Fabrini Diniz

This essay assumes that companies must be the fount of dignity because of they have a strong relationship with all sort of elements that are related with dignity. The first one is that companies can be the place to develop the cooperation among employees, directors, and other staff. Beyond, companies can be the plane where people learn about cooperation. Second, the main organization’s purpose is to improve the quality of life for consumers, instead maximizing their shareholders’ wealth. Toward this goal, it wouldn't make sense if workers in an organization were to lose their dignity to increase the welfare of another group, like consumers. Third, companies are the main connection between society and the natural environment, using and transforming resources, such as raw material and energy, into goods and services for consumption. In this sense, nature belongs to all living beings, and thus what human beings and companies do with regard to the natural environment must comply with the laws of nature.

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