The Concept and Evolution of Art Styles/ Schools in Contemporary Nigerian Art
Sir (Dr) Godwin Ogheneruemu Irivwieri Ksj

Students of African Art Historical Studies have often been overwhelmed with the issue of misconception in the evolution and usage of these terms – Art Styles/Schools in Contemporary Nigerian Art. It is therefore the intention of the writer to examine these terms so as to illuminate their essence and use in the proper art historical perspective. An evolutionary incursion into these terminologies indicates that Style is a manner of treatment or execution of works of art that is characteristic of a civilization, a people or an individual. The style of any art work has very much to do with its historical context, subject matter and symbolism which is observable at four levels namely personal, group, regional, and period. By and large, the evolutionary trend of styles in Nigerian art has been developmental, starting with the Naturalistic style of the pre-independence era, through the Abstraction of the post – independence period to the highly expressive post-FESTAC years to the present radical experimentalist tendencies – inspiration, exploration and installation of the post – modernist era.

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