Corporate Universities’ Contribution to the Qualification of Accounting Professionals in Brazil
S. Citeroni, J. C. Marion, N. V. Galegale, L. N. R. Filho

The objective of this article is to identify the gaps in qualification of professionals in accounting courses offered by Brazilian higher education institutions under the perspective of a corporate university and how this corporate university seeks to overcome these deficiencies. In many professional events, from seminars held in Brazil to professional association activities, there are discussions about the quality of Brazilian professionals, in particular accounting professionals recently graduated. The reason for including the topic of quality of accounting education in these events is the increasing concern of executives, market representatives, regulators, professional associations and other interested parties with regard to the challenges already faced by accountants or Accounting graduates. Higher education in Brazil must enable the professionals to meet market needs, encouraging scientific and critical thinking, in a broader knowledge-building process. To this end, we developed a qualitative, descriptive survey through case study at EY corporate university, based on its professional recruitment and selection process, which basically entails receipt of approximately 100,000 resumes for selecting 3,000 candidates in São Paulo and 1,000 candidates in Rio de Janeiro. The results obtained lead to the conclusion that the knowledge of candidates to work in Accounting is insufficient to meet the company demand and highlights the role of its corporate university as one of the responses to the level of quality required.

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