The Office Politics: Diplomatic Leadership, Bold Bullies, and the Workplace Drama Queen
Lemar Murray Nolan

Difficult workplace personalities can destroy office morale, rupture productivity, and lead to turnover. Managers often struggle to discern best practices, while also striving to maintain a balanced work environment. This conceptual essay is meant to offer perspective on dealing with the toxic personalities such as the Office Drama Queen (ODQ). Despite the feminine term, for the purpose of this essay, this personality is such regardless of gender, race, or other demographic signifier. This personality may be a bully, but typically operating from some personal trauma or insecurity that compromises office function. Unfortunately, many managers are not in a position to cope with such personalities. Further, research suggests that involving human resources only escalates the problem. Therefore, this essay will review the damage toxic personalities bring to a work unit, offer some options a manager can use and conclude with strategies on how to potentially mitigate the problem.

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