The Perceptions of Saudi Youth Regarding the Dangers of Exposure to the Content of Pornography on the Internet: A Field Study
Dr. Falah Amer Aldahmashi

In light of concern raised from the studies that measure the social effects of using the Internet, there are worries about the effect of using the Internet in the social context and the impact on individual behaviours .Due to the scarcity of studies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that are concerned with the negative effects of the Internet ,as represented in the increasing spread of pornography on websites, especially when talking about youth who are the group most exposed to the risks of communication technology, the research problem is defined in describing and analysing the patterns of Saudi youth exposure to pornography and their perception of the effects on them and other people. In addition, the study is concerned to identify the level of censorship that is implemented by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the undesired content. This comes through a survey study that included a sample of 159 terms used by youth. The study was applied in the eastern region that is characterized by cultural and demographic variation. The study relied on the hypothesis of the theory of influence of a third person to test the hypothesis on the Saudi youth, to conclude with results that contribute in protecting youth from exposure to such content that violates religion and decency. The results indicated support for the conceptual hypothesis for the theory of the third person, as the Saudi youth believe that pornography is more influential on others than on themselves. This is consistent with previous studies. In addition, the study was consistent with the behavioural hypothesis for the theory of a third person influence with the consent of the Saudi youth to control the Internet and the view that blocking such websites is the best solution to protect youth from viewing this content, provided that KSA applies the blocking procedure. However, some people may succeed in breaching the censored websites, which necessitates coping with the technology used to counter breaching methods.

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