The Impact of Workplace Bullying Behaviors on the Strategic Goals Fulfillment: A Field Study Conducted at the Jordan Customs Department (JCD)
Dr. Saleh Ibrahim Sulaiman Al-A’wasa, Dr. Shawqi Naji Jawad

The study aimed at exploring the impact of the workplace bullying behavior on the fulfillment of the strategic goals at Jordanian Custom Department. Such behavior was measured through three dimensions; (the work-based bullying behavior, the interpersonal bullying behavior and the bullying behavior that is based on physical and verbal abuse). In order to fulfill the study’s objective, the researchers developed a questionnaire for collecting the required data. A random sample was selected, and consisted 150 employees. The collected data was analyzed statistically through using descriptive and analytical statistical methods. In addition, multiple and simple regression analysis were used to analyze the collected data, to examine the study’s hypotheses. It was concluded that there is a moderate impact for the workplace bullying measured by its dimensions on the fulfillment of the strategic goals. The researchers recommended the improvement of the interpersonal relationships among employees at each section of the Jordan Customs Department (JCD) through top management efforts.

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