Human Trafficking: A Modern Day Slavery in Nigeria
Folashade B. Okeshola, Adebimpe A. Adenugba

Human trafficking in Nigeria has assumed unimaginable dimension in the last two decades due to several factors which include globalization, economic recession, poverty, conflicts, weak legal system, and lack of adequate legislation and of political will. Human trafficking is an organised crime. It is a modern form of slavery. The two weapons used by traffickers to get their victims are deception and through force. Human trafficking has continued to strive in Nigeria because of collusion among security, immigration, embassy, airline officials and traffickers. Human trafficking had become a major source of concern to all societies in recent time. Human trafficking has put Nigeria on the map of the notorious. In view of the above, we recommend that the Nigerian government should address the issue of massive unemployment and poverty in Nigeria as well as create enabling environments for entrepreneurship for the citizens.

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