BMI and Static, Dynamic Balance Abilities among Undergraduate Sports Students
Adnan Abdulaziz Alqaraan, Rama Mohammad Alsharksi, Nour Saad Qassem Taha, Aida al- Awamleh

It is important to evaluate the stability of sport students. Therefore, the aim of this research was to compare the BMI, static and dynamic balance among undergraduate sports students according to academic level and gender, this study was carried out on a sample of 87 volunteers (44 males and 43 females) undergraduate sports students. The static balance was measured by flamingo balance test (FBT) and the dynamic balance was evaluated by using the stability platform with digital control model 16030. Tanita Segmental Body Composition Analyser BC-418MA used to assess BMI. The results indicated that there were no significant differences between static stability parameters between undergraduate sports students regarding to academic level whereas, a significant differences were found regarding dynamic balance. Furthermore gender differences were found regarding BMI, fat and Dynamic balance.

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