The Social Impact of Immigration in Italy, a Composed Index
Luca Rossi, Ing. PhD

This study analyses the social impact of immigration, focusing on elements that allow to determine the effects of their presence in Italy. The analysis has therefore focused on three areas (the labour market, the economy and social life).and through a composed index (immigrants’ situation), show how these contribute to define immigrants’ situation. The analyses: i) confirms the increase of the phenomenon of immigration in Italy; ii) identifies the main areas related to social impact of immigration; iii) highlights the construction of a composed index which summarizes the three areas. These findings confirm the role covered by immigrants in labour factor is more than complementarity rather than substitutability. In addition, most of the immigrants are in age for working, and in good health, work, at least in part, regularly and pay taxes, both direct and indirect, increasing the resources in the coffers of the state.

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