Equating the State Unified and West African School Certificate Mathematics Examination Items
Adeyemo Emily Oluseyi

The study determined the item parameters of the 2015 Unified Mathematics Examination and the WAEC Mathematics Examination Items. It also determined the comparability of the two Mathematics Examination items in terms of examinee’s scores and item parameter. A survey research design was adopted for the study.. The population for the study comprised 24,550 SSS 3. The study sample consisted of 360 students selected using multistage sampling techniques.. The research instruments used for this study were an adopted version of the Ekiti State 2015 Unified Examination and 2015 West Africa School Certificate Examination Mathematics items. The two instruments were administered on the study sample. Data collected were analyzed using paired sample t-test, Pearson Product Moment Coefficient and Linear Regression. The results showed that the difficulty index of the State Unified examination Mathematics items ranged from 11.34% to 50.00% and also the discrimination index ranged between -0.001 and 0.624. On the other hand, the difficulty index of WAEC Mathematics items ranged between 29.9% and 64.4% and the discrimination index ranged between 0.344 and 0.885. The relationship in students’ performance in the two examinations was significant(t = 4.664, p < 0.05) and (r = 0.173, p = 0.001). finally (t= 3.330, p = 0.001) The study concluded that the items were symmetrical.

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