Has the adoption of CSR initiatives by MNCs improved the situation in Nigeria’s Niger Delta region?’
Ijeoma Ogechi Nwachukwu

This paper aims to highlight the negative effects the host communities in the Niger Delta have experienced due to oil and gas activities since the discovery and production of crude oil on their lands over 30 years ago. The objective of this paper is to show the amount of crude oil that has been spilled either through operational activities or by poor maintenance of equipment owned by the organizations and perception of the individuals and communities affected. Findings of the study indicate strategies that the multinational companies (MNCs) and the government may use to prevent disharmony and distrust between themselves and host communities. It also showedthe importance of corporate social responsibility (CSR)in not only improving the brand name but also giving back to the environment where they operate. Finally, the paper concludes by discussing the limitations and recommendations of the research and how they may be addressed with further research.

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