The Influence of Futsal in the Learning Process of Children with Down Syndrome in the Environment School
Igor Felipe Oliveira Bezerra, Felipe Rodrigues Gomes, Antonio Estanislau Sanches, Flanke Duarte Conceição JúniorÉrika Cristina Nogueira Marques Pinheiro, Jorge Almeida Brito Júnior, Camily Murrieta Vasconcelos Oliveira Bezerra

The present research is a bibliographical research, intended to provoke reflections on the influence of futsal on the learning process of children with down syndrome (SD) in the school environment. The child with DS, despite having many of its limited physical and psychological characteristics, has a proven ability to learn. The futsal learning process for children with down syndrome should establish a practice that contextualizes the reality of the student, it is up to the teacher to offer means and strategies to provide the motor, cognitive and affective development of the student with this syndrome, propitiating the construction of knowledge and more complex skills, this will depend on the experiences and experiences provided to the students in the class. In this assumption it is understood that Physical School Education plays a fundamental role of social inclusion, when articulated its pedagogical practice. To reach the established objective, a qualitative research was done, of the bibliographic type. Therefore, it was possible to conclude that the futsal awakens in the students the desire to participate in the class, because it is dynamic, creative and motivating.

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