The Effects of Brand Management on Brand Equity in Mexican Small Firms
Gonzalo Maldonado-Guzmán, Sandra Yesenia Pinzón-Castro, José Trinidad Marín-Aguilar

Brand management and brand equity are two marketing activities that have recently attracted a high level of interest from several scholars, researchers and professionals, not only because they are part of the main business strategies implemented by companies nowadays but also because these two actions create several competitive advantages in the organizations, especially in small firms. Nonetheless, despite the importance of these activities, there are few published investigations in the marketing literature that have analyzed and discussed them together. There are even less the researches focused on small firms. Thus, the main objective of this empirical research is the analysis and discussion of the effects of brand management in the brand equity of small firms by using a sample of 300 small enterprises and by implementing a model of structural equations that allows a deeper understanding of the current relation between brand management and brand equity. The results obtained show that brand management has a positive and significant effect in the level of brand equity of small firms.

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