Influence of Performance Appraisal on Motivation of Public Secondary School Teachers in Gem-Sub County, Kenya
Alice Atieno Okoth, Oluoch Mercy Florah

Organizations that adopt an efficient and properly structured appraisal system are likely to impact on the motivation of its employees resulting in higher performance and attainment of an organizations goals and objectives. Many of these studies have been done in the public and private sectors, but very little has been done specifically on teacher performance appraisal and its influence on motivation of teachers in public secondary Schools in Gemsub county. The aim of the study was to establish the influence of performance appraisal on motivation of public secondary school teachers in Gem – Sub-county. Descriptive survey method was used. The target population for this study was446 teachers from public secondary schools in Gem Sub-County. Random sampling technique was used to select the sample of 103. Structured questionnaires were used to collect primary data. Regression analysis was used to determine the influence of teacher performance appraisal on motivation of teachers in public secondary schools in Gem Sub-county. The findings of the study showed that fairness in performance appraisal, performance appraisal feedback, performance rewards and performance goal setting had a positive and significant effect on teacher motivation in Gem sub-county. The study concludes that performance appraisal enhances teacher motivation. This study recommends that the government of Kenya though teachers service commission should continue employing performance appraisal mechanisms. Additionally, there are some human aspects of performance appraisal such as integrity and ethical values that enhances trust in appraisal process. This study therefore recommends that the government should adopt appraisal processes that incorporate integrity and ethical values that will ensure continuous trust in the appraisal process, adopt effective reward mechanisms and effective feedback policies. The study limited itself to teachers in public secondary schools. The researcher therefore recommends further research by academicians on teachers in other schools such as public primary, private primary and secondary schools; use other variable including organization commitment and job satisfaction. Moreover, more studies to be carried out to bring these to the fore since the subject of teacher motivation is important not only to the government but other stakeholders too.

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