A Critical Appraisal of the Legal and Policy Frameworks for the Protection of Women’s Rights in Nigeria
Dr. Enobong Mbang Akpambang

The article critically examined the legal and policy frameworks that have been put in place to protect women’s rights in Nigeria. The major aim of the research was to x-ray the relevant laws and policies with a view to finding out their effectiveness and possible constraints or shortcomings. It was discovered in the research that while in recent times, there have been robust increase in the number of laws and policies that have been enacted to protect the rights of women in Nigeria, there have been some lapses in some of the laws and governmental policies which correspondingly affected their enforcements and efficacy. The article concluded that while it is commendable that some relevant legal framework and policies have been enacted by the government at various levels to address issues of women’s rights, the government and relevant stakeholders are still required to do more to promote and protect the rights of women in Nigeria. The article also recommended, inter alia, that the Nigerian government and relevant stakeholders should exercise strong commitments towards the promotion of women’s rights in the country. One of such ways is by amending some of the laws and revising some policies where loopholes have been identified in the article with a view to achieving the noble aims and objectives for enacting them as well as bringing them into conformity with global and regional instruments.

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