The Legal Value of the State Emblems
Victor Yves Jean Denoël TSALA

State emblems are symbols of visual identification, unadventurously chosen to distinguish herself from others, and recognised as such by virtue of her distinctive flag, motto, seals, currency, coat of arms, anthem, etc. Their representation as signs of victory, recognition, unity, respect, honour, celebration and reverence, with its sense of belonging and consequent social, historical, economic, political, ideological identification, are at the heart of political and strategic issues. Therefore, whenever acts are perpetrated against State emblems, the gravity is always instinctively, because one’s attachment to these emblems, are of a moral legal nature. Thus, the lege feranda determination inevitably results to the lege lata representation, thereby putting to test, the legal value of state emblems. In fact, legal justifications are contained in the different constitutional guarantees and enhanced legal protection under constitutional and criminal jurisdictions; suggesting the consciousness inviolability of emblems as an inherent instinctive thing, which precedes the awareness of their legal value, as a fundamental thing.

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