What Made You Who You Are? Universal Life Lessons on Proversified Leadership, a Phenomenology
Nida H. Garcia, EdD; Alexander S. Acosta, PhD

Within the context of school leadership as a powerful process of impacting the life of people and making great things happen, Philippine Schools Overseas (PSO’s) administrators have demonstrated significant life lessons they could pass on to leaders not only of the academe but also to aspiring and seasoned leaders of any kind of organizations here and beyond. Using an in depth semi-structured interview; this qualitative phenomenological research has uncovered the consequential evidence that plays around PSO Administrators’ concept of proversified leadership. The universal life lessons as revealed in this study cover three major aspects of human existence namely: corporeal; considered as the lessons related to the earthly existence of man, relational; those relevant to human associations, and existential; the lessons about the meaning of life . Needless to say, these life lessons are meant to teach, to inspire, and drive school leaders and affiliate officials to action; to create the change they want to see in their respective schools and the world in general.

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