A Comprehensive Research on Empowerment and Service Recovery Performance at Five-Star Hotels in Jordan
Mousa Masadeh, Mukhles M. Al-Ababneh, Samer M. Al-Sabi

The aim of this research is to provide a comprehensive picture on the relationships between empowerment and service recovery performance. A 51-item questionnaire, measuring empowerment and service recovery performance, was distributed to 425 employees working in five-star hotels in Jordan with a 70.1% of response rate. Principle component analysis was utilized to determine the construct structure for empowerment and service recovery performance as well as multiple regression analyses to determine the relationships between empowerment and service recovery performance. The results show that two perspectives of empowerment have a magnificent impact on service recovery performance. However, psychological empowerment has a stronger influence on psychological service recovery than tangible service recovery. The results also reveal that the two perspectives of empowerment together have clearly a higher level of impact on service recovery performance than both forms of empowerment does separately. Finally, this research shows that psychological empowerment partially mediates the relationship between structural empowerment and service recovery performance. In this research, new insights into the existing literature, implications and directions for future research are presented.

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