The Legal Milestones on Brazilian Education
Juliana Battistus Mateus Ferreira

This article presents a historical description about the Brazilian educational background, since the Portuguese Colonial days up until the independent Republic of Brazil. The correspondent research analyzes the historical events that were vital to the Brazilian education, taking it back to Brazil’s own legal acts checking back to the educational ideas included throughout all these years, making it viable to understand Brazil’s current educational status, by understanding its past contributions, following Carvalho (2003), Castanha (2012), Lopes (2015), Miguel & Corrêa (2011), Ramalho (2006), Romanelli (2014) and Saviani (2008). And in order to assess it properly, this article has adopted the hermeneutics as its methodology, since it leads the researcher to contextualize, learn and correctly interpret the phenomenon, in accordance to Gadamer (2006) views. By doing so, the path taken by the Brazilian education system in search for a national system of education is presented herein.

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