Level of Integration of Sustainable Land Management in the Development Strategies and Policies in Cameroon
Dieudonné Bitondo, Claude Bakoumé

This study has assessed the level of integration of Sustainable Land Management (SLM) measures by the The Vision 2035, National Development Strategy – 2030, Rural Sector Development Strategy (RSDS), and Decentralization Policy, four documents for harmonious implementation of land-based development activities In Cameroon. Interviews provided additional information. It was found that provisions for SLM measures were contained at the stages of analysis of the existing situation and diagnosis and formulation of strategic choices for the four documents. Only the RSRS has prescribed activities’ monitoring and evaluation. Constrains included (i) lack of criteria and indicators for SLM practices (ii) gaps in information regarding the flows of funding for SLM, and (iii) limited logistic and technical capacities, to name a few. Developing a land change information sharing system and revising existing documents were proposed to better integrate and enhance funding for SLM.

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