Investigating the Critical Influences on Emerging Trainee Teacher Identity in The UAEU: A Case Study of Elementary Arabic and English Language Students’ Views
Dr Altahair Attia

Research into emerging teacher identity among B.Ed. Students at the UAEU considers the national background and the debate of “Modernism vs. Traditionalism” and considers how these and other factors affect the emerging teacher identity of student teachers of English or of Arabic in UAE elementary schools. Students in their first year of study, and also students in their fourth year of study from each category were interviewed and their views were analysed. A unique methodology was used – sharia compliant interviews of young female students by older male interviewer – to gather data. There was an expectation that traditional versus modern would be a difference between the groups of students, which proved unfounded. Both groups acknowledged the importance of both languages and the need for compromise and living with others with different views. Recommendations include attempting to improve the status of teachers in the UAE and encouraging more male elementary teachers there.

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