A Social-Being Phenomenology Study. A Better Understanding of Complex Systems and Governances Failures.
Professor Emmanuelle de Verlaine

Social sciences approach to study the “social phenomenon complexity” under different angles such as social structures, political and cultural dynamics and even in terms of collective projects. A fundamental set of questions remains: what is the “social phenomenon”? What is its ontology? And how do we come to believe we can apprehend such an intangible object of “reality”. This paper presents our findings in terms of a phenomenology study of the social phenomenon as a “Social-Being” using both Husserl and Sartre methodologies to transcend theoretical preconception from one hand while reaching the phenomenon through formalizing its existential experience. The results expose the depth of its multidimensional complexity. We discuss the intrinsic limits of an integrated meta-theory to apprehend the social phenomenon as a whole in an effort to optimize complex systems’ governance practices.

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