The Ontic-Being Phenomenology. Understanding the Complexity of Being-in-this-world.
Professor Emmanuelle de Verlaine

The existentialists, anthropologists, neuropsychologists and cognitivists have explored several aspects of the phenomenological ontology of Being revealing the dialectical complex experience of existing and being conscious of existing. A question remains: what does it mean to feel existing? Our investigation reveals thedistinction between the feeling of existence and the experience of being-in-this-world complexityas both paradoxical and chaotic. We present how the ontic-being feels chaos and deals with this paradox of experienced existing within thesystemic contingency of a timelessness and spacelessness intertwined world. We discover how our modern culture comes to offer an orderly frame of reference adding to a semantic complexity while the actual experience of living creates a feeling of deeper sense of chaotic embeddedness in this world. We discuss the implications of this mode of experienced complexity between paradox and chaos in terms of inner disorder along with a mixed sense of spleen and courage.

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