Effects of the Slowness Course on the Slowness Attitude of Higher Education Students: Measuring and Evaluating Atasehir Adiguzel Vocational School Students' Attitudes Towards Slowness Before and After the Slowness Course
Dr. Rahsan Pektas, Lec. Erben Aydin, Prof. Dr. H. Ridvan Yurtseven

Life in Istanbul, which is the sixth largest metropole in the world and the first in Europe with a population of sixteen million, is lived at a pointless speed and with the constant worry of getting somewhere. Higher education students, who have to live by keeping up with this speed, also miss the pleasant aspects of life and remain indifferent to what is going on around them while trying not to fall behind in the race to catch opportunities. Atasehir Adiguzel Vocational School, which is a higher education institution providing vocational education in Istanbul, has started to give "Slowness" as a compulsory course to all of its students, breaking new ground in the world with the aim of raising the awareness and conducted a study in order to measure and evaluate the effects of the course on students' perception of slowness. As a result of the research, in which attitudes before and after the lesson in different fields were evaluated with 15 different statements, significant differences were found in 12 out of the 15 statements.

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