Racial Equity for Culturally Specific Organizations: An Assets-Based Evidentiary Assessment
Dr. Ann Curry-Stevens

Culturally specific organizations have been missing out on the racial equity and cultural responsiveness initiatives that are prominent in nonprofits and government, due to the absence of relevant assessment tools, as well as discourses within these initiatives which have overlooked the sector of culturally specific organizations and subsequently provided a competitive advantage to culturally responsive organizations. This paper reports on the development of a culturally specific organizational assessment, and the results of a four-site pilot study of the tool. Findings show the [Tool] achieves its objectives of creating actionable insights and quality improvement plans. Additional benefits emerge from the pilot’s participants: that an evidence-base for the organization’s assets is initiated, that organization-wide identity is strengthened, that staff have been energized by relevant equity dialogues and relationship deepening, and that motivation for research and evaluation that captures the fullness of the organization’s impacts be undertaken. Samples from the tool are included.

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