Documentation of Jordan’s Great Wall by Aerial Photography Techniques
Prof Dr Mohammed Waheeb, Prof Dr Mohannad Tarrad

The use of aerial photography in the archaeological survey and documentation is considered as an important field in Jordan and it is gaining increasing attention in the Middle East Region. Recently, there are some projects implemented in Jordan using aerial technologies in the archaeological documentation field. The Jordan Wall Documentation Project, which tends to rely on modern technology and its contributions to the documentation process; is one of these projects in which this technology is applied directly and in cooperation with the relevant parties. This paper will focus on the outputs of the project, which aims to use this technology for facilitating the process of planning and documenting the archaeological sites through the Remote Sensing Software (RSS), the Digital Information systems, and the Geographical Information GIS, in addition to being documented with high accuracy on the Global Positioning System (GPS). This unique technology, is available in Jordan, at the Hashemite University, and Al al-Bayt University, for enhancing the role of archaeologists in the study and research of antiquities in the area of southern Jordan, where the discovered wall is located. That opens up the future in the archaeological exploration process, in addition to its importance in providing a valuable database of digital images for researchers, experts and graduate students.

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