The Subjects Primary Education Students Focused On Most (A Research on the 5th Grade Students)
Dr. Mehmet SANVER

In this article, religious topics primary education students are curious about most have been discussed to reach a determination. Our study will assist in finding the answer to the question: “On which subjects should Education of Religion and Ethics teacher train and prepare himself/herself?” In this research conducted amongst 200 students in 5th grade primary school, as the main problem, it was aimed to determine the questions students would demand to learn from a religious educator. In the questionnaire aimed for this purpose, students were asked to write down “Three questions on religion they are most curious about and eager to find out answer from a religious educator”. Top five questions of students are; worship and faith, doomsday and life after death, prophets and Kor?an, spiritual beings like angel, evil spirit and soul and Allah.

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