Vol. 1 No. 1; July 2011

Table of Contents

An Analysis of Consumer Behavior on Black Friday
Linda Simpson, Lisa Taylor, Kathleen, O’Rourke, Katherine Shaw
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The Effect of IFRS Adoption on Financial Disclosure: Does Culture Still Play A Role?
Nazli Hosal Akman
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Evaluating Tax Avoidance Practices: Risk of Loss
Jeremy Lingenfelser
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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: the Political Strategist and the Internet
Laure Paquette
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Characterization of Malaysia Sand for Possible Use as Proppant
Ismail Mohd Saaid, Dahlila Kamat, Suhaila Muhammad
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Impact of Innovation, Technology and Economic Growth on Entrepreneurship
Mohammad Farooq Hussain, Asad Afzal, Muhammad Asif, Naveed Ahmad, Rao Muhammad Bilal
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Gender Biasness: A Corporate or a Social Concern
Rashid Munir Kahloon
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The use of Graphic Calculator in Teaching and Learning of Mathematics: Effects on Performance and Metacognitive Awareness
Nor’ain Mohd. Tajudin, Rohani Ahmad Tarmizi, Wan Zah Wan Ali, Mohd. Majid Konting
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Critical and Innovative Pedagogies for Social Change (ICT Based Pedagogies and Related Teacher Education)
Uzma Rana Shamsi, Abd-ul-Ahad, Khadija Imtinan
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Perception of Student Teachers about Teaching Competencies
Anupama Bhargava, Dr.Minaketan Pathy
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Educating Warriors of Islam; Iran 1960-Present
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Fiscal Situation in Pakistan and its consequences for Economic Growth and Poverty
Naeem Akram, Ihtasham ul Haq Padda, Muhammad Khan, Muhammad Iftikhar ul Husnain
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